Golden Omega SA Omega3 products from Chilean Corpesca anchovies fleet obtain FoS certification

Golden Omega SA, a Chilean producer of Omega 3 concentrates, has obtained Friend of the Sea certification for its products originating from anchovies’ fish oil.

Golden Omega’s main source of raw material comes from the anchovy fishery of the North of Chile. The main shareholder of Golden Omega, the largest fishing company in Chile and one of the largest worldwide, Corpesca, owns 45 fishing vessels fishing in the Southern Pacific. The anchovies stock in the fishing area is not overexploited. The fishing vessels are continuously tracked and alerted in case of entering in Marine Protected Areas. The fleet complies with seasonal closures and in case average size is lower than minimum, the fishery is momentarily stopped. The purse seine fishing method is highly selective as anchovies represent 98% of the catch. Golden Omega was also found fully compliant with Friend of the Sea social accountability requirements.
“The continuing development of the global fish oil Omega-3 markets is creating a need for the  industry to demonstrate its commitment to the use of raw materials only coming from responsible fishing activities and sustainable resources.” comments Mr. Claudio Aracena, Commercial Director of Golden Omega SA “With this new achievement, Golden Omega is today the only producer of Omega-3 concentrates in the world, holding two certifications, IFFO RS CoC and FOS, both related to the use of responsible and sustainable fish resources.”
Golden Omega SA, a Chilean company focused on producing high quality Omega
3 concentrates up to 85% of EPA and DHA obtained from fish oil. The State of the Art production facilities are located in Northern Chile close to Corpesca’s fish oil plants. Corpesca is the principal fishing company in Chile and one of the most important worldwide and is also one of the proprietors of Golden Omega. This guarantees an assured supply of the best fish oil available worldwide as to freshness and quality.
Friend of the Sea (FOS) is an international certification program for products from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. Over 350 companies in more than 50 countries have relied on Friend of the Sea to assess the sustainability of their seafood origins. Audit are run by independent certification bodies accredited by national accreditation institutes. Audit are run also on site and they are based on best and most updated available scientific data.