FoS Certifies KD Nutra for Sustainable Omega-3 Production

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KD Nutra brand manufacturing sites – Germany, Norway and US -acknowledged for its commitment to sustainability and preserving marine environments 

Friend of the Sea announced that it has certified KD Nutra, a brand of KD Pharma Group, to be compliant with Friend of the Sea standards. KD Pharma, which produces superior quality marine ingredients with a primary focus on Omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish, can now display the Friend of the Sea eco-label on its Omega-3 bulk oil sand supplements. Friend of the Sea is the leading certification standard for products and services that respect and protect the marine environment.

 “We have nothing but respect for responsible manufacturers like KD Pharma, who make the commitment to protecting the environment while offering humanity the best of the sea’s nutrients,” said Paolo Bray, Director of Friend of the Sea. “We welcome them to our family of like-minded companies.”

KD Pharma Group has made significant investments over the years in developing sustainable practices from harvesting and manufacturing to the practices of their corporate offices. For example, the plant in Norway operates primarily on hydroelectric power and uses residual fish oil by products as biofuel at the facility, resulting in virtually no material waste. 

KD Pharma process begins with natural marine oils sourced mostly from sardines and anchovies off the waters of Chile and Peru. Their fish oil is provided only by Friend of the Sea-approved suppliers and later processed at its factory in Norway. KD Pharma’s highly concentrated oils are refined at its facility in Germany, providing the input material for its center of excellence for soft gels in the US and for its blending and bottling plant in Norway.

“Being certified by Friend of the Sea represents an important milestone in our journey as a corporation,” remarked René Kamminga, Vice President Nutrition & Business Development at KD Nutra. “It acknowledges our commitment to sustainable fishing practices, underscoring our sense of responsibility concerning natural resources. Our customers value this. It is an important issue for us as well.”

About the KD Pharma Group SA

The KD Pharma Group is the third largest Omega-3 producer in the world with 400 people and 7 sites located in Norway, Germany and the US. The company concentrates nutraceutical and pharmaceutical oils and makes customized  finished products for its customers in soft gel capsule and bottled liquid forms. The KD Pharma Group has the global reach, technology and vertical integration necessary to develop customized Omega-3 products with complete supply chain efficiency for our customers.

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