Equazen® has been confirmed as Friend of The Sea approved line of products

Friend of the Sea is glad to announce that Equazen® has been confirmed as a Friend of The Sea approved line of products for the third year in a row. Friend of the Sea is the only sustainable fisheries certification process recognised and supervised globally by a National Accreditation Body


Equazen® – the key brand within the SFI Health cognitive portfolio- is a leading brand of essential fatty acids supplements covering all life stages, from pregnancy to adulthood. The capsules, liquid and chews versions have a specific 9:3:1 EPA:DHA:GLA ratio and a solid base of scientific evidences focused on the improvement of cognitive functions in children, from Pre-schoolers to Adolescents.


This certification is a tangible proof of the importance SFI Health puts into a sustainable approach for its leading  brand Equazen®, answering to the increasing attention customers and clients have on the environmental impact of their choices” said Francesca Nembri, SFI Health Head of Quality EMEA.


Moreover, Friend of the Sea certification proves Equazen® line of products is sourced from well-managed fisheries, reassuring parents doing the right choice for their children when it comes to a dietary supplement that provides Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and whose efficacy is clinically researched for more than 20 years.


SFI Health is a global leader developing premium integrative health solutions for the microbiome and cognition—the two interconnected systems that lie at the heart of human health. Fuelled by a collective belief that nature’s healing powers should be accessible to all, SFI Health shares world-class research, expertise and specialist capabilities to support consumers and healthcare professionals, and partner businesses in bringing quality products to life. With state-of-the-art facilities across the globe and offices in every region, SFI Health aims to enable the optimal health of humankind all over the world.

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