EasyVit® Pharmaceuticals’ Omega-3 supplements are now Friend of the Sea® Certified

Marine conservation projects and awareness

In October, Friend of the Sea® certified a new vitamin company in the Netherlands. 

EasyVit® is a “top quality, science-oriented, innovative family of nutritional supplements aimed at maintaining and improving your health.” easyVit® uses its patented ConCordix® technology which emulsifies fatty acids, water and oil in their chewable gel vitamins. This structure follows the same way we take in nutrients through food, making the absorption more effective, beside better tasting and more easily digestion.  

EasyVit’s commitment to sustainability

EasyVit® believes that it is possible to create a high quality product while also keeping a small environmental footprint. Before their recent certification by Friend of the Sea®, they implemented other activities to increase the company’s sustainability.

The contract manufacturing plant easyVit® selected runs on hydropower, and they are initiating a program to recycle their packaging material and limit their freight activities. 

About their Friend of the Sea® certification Koen Jacobs (executive director/CMO) says “At easyVit®, we aspire to be a unique brand in the nutritional world, where true innovations are maintained and the well-being of both people and the planet is improved. We have created a reliable brand which serves the whole family – from our children to our seniors…Our aim is to take responsibility to build up a better world for people and the planet. By joining the Friend of the Sea® community, we aim to contribute to sustainable fishery and Omega-3 industry.

Why take Omega-3s?

Omega-3s are a family of “good” fats that are scientifically recognized incredible health supplements for a wide variety of reasons. Some of the less known are:

●Reducing the likelihood of contracting mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, schizophrenia, and others.

●  Improving brain development, especially in babies and children.

●  Reducing risk factors for heart diseases.

●  To help support optimal immunity.

Omega-3s are found in fish, fish oil, flaxseed, walnuts, and other foods in a much lower quantity. Unfortunately, most Western diets do not get enough Omega-3s, so supplements are an important replacement. 

Environmental impact of supplements

One of Friend of the Sea’s largest categories of certifications is in the nutraceutical industry. Though it is not often explained, supplements have an environmental impact, just like any other product. Omega-3’s like those produced and sold by easyVit® are traditionally made using fish oil. They are one of the most appreciated categories of supplements, making up 16% of supplements bought in the US, the world’s biggest market for supplements. Due to the growing demand for fish and fish products in recent years, there is an increasing need to fish responsibly. In just under 60 years, seafood consumption increased from 19.3 million tons (1950) to 163 million tons (2009). 

Friend of the Sea’s sustainable Fisheries and Omega-3 certifications ensure that related certified products minimally impact the environment by requiring that:

●  Target stock is not over-exploited, according to FAO Regional Fishery Bodies and National Fisheries Authorities standards;

●  There is no significant impact on the seabed;

●  Sources of fish oil and fish-krill ingredients are well-managed;

●  selective fishing;

●  There is no bycatch listed as ‘vulnerable’ or worse in the IUCN Red List;

●  Compliance with legal requirements;

●  Waste and energy management is monitored;

●  Social accountability is prioritized. 

Following these requirements ensures healthy fish, supports endangered species, and encourages an abundant supply for the future, and therefore the choice by organizations like easyVit® to join Friend of the Sea® certification is increasingly crucial. 

Friend of the Sea® and easyVit®

EasyVit’s dedicated commitment to sustainability and health, aligns well with Friend of the Sea’s rigorous requirements for certification. 

Follow the links to learn more about FOS guidelines and other certified companies, and to easyVit® products. 


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