Australian Spring Bay Seafoods blue mussels from Tasmania confirmed FoS certified

The blue mussels’ producer Spring Bay Seafoods Pty Ltd has renewed its Friend of the Sea certification for sustainable aquaculture. Spring Bay’s products will continue displaying the international eco-label on their packaging.

Spring Bay Seafoods have one of the few commercial-scale mussel hatcheries anywhere in the world. Using novel rearing techniques, the mussels are raised from seed and nurtured under strict quality and environmental conditions, then young spat are transferred to suspended lines in the deep waters off Tasmania’s East Coast. This vertical integration program ensures a sustainable and reliable supply of perfect mussels well into the future.

The deepwater oceanic marine farms are located in Spring Bay near the picturesque national park of Maria Island and stretch across some of the most precious and pristine seawater in the world.

Located 2 kilometres offshore with a fast flowing, cold and nutritious current, the mussels are farmed in the open ocean using surface and sub-surface long lines for “rope” culture 25-35 metres deep, providing a unique growing environment.

The deep-water mussels growing lines are each around 400 metres long with 200 metres warp lines for anchorage at either end. From an ecological and environmental perspective, Spring Bay Seafoods continues to conduct a low impact farming operation which complies with all Friend of the Sea requirements.

The processing factory and packhouse is on the waterfront in Spring Bay, just 4 kilometers from the township of Triabunna in Tasmania. After harvesting, Spring Bay Mussels are rushed ashore and given a scrub, shower and a ‘nip and a shave’. This creates shiny, clean mussels that are beautifully presented and ready for the pot.

An efficient traceability system is in place, so that mussels are fully traced throughout their life history on the farms, right the way through to customers.

“This renewal is a confirmation of the natural origin and high quality of our mussels” comments Mr Phil Lamb, Managing Director of Spring Bay Seafoods. “Friend of the Sea certification is a very clear message to our customers and suppliers regarding our determined commitment to quality, sustainability and the environment.”


Spring Bay Seafoods Pty Ltd
Spring Bay Seafoods is a Tasmanian based shellfish company operating on the East Coast of Tasmania, 100 kilometres north of the island state capital, Hobart. Spring Bay Seafoods are primarily known for producing award winning blue mussels. The processing factory and packhouse is located on the waterfront in Spring Bay, just 4 kilometers from the township of Triabunna. Learn more about our location.
Spring Bay Seafoods blue mussels start their journey here and end up on some of the finest restaurant tables in Australia and in nearby export markets throughout Asia.
Spring Bay Seafoods process live mussels to a ready to cook state. The ‘clean shaven’ mussels are packed in a modified atmosphere vacuum pack that allow the live mussels to retain the ‘just harvested’ quality.
In addition, Spring Bay Seafood also produce an award winning cooked, ready-to-eat smoked mussels and marinated mussels.
Learn more about our state of the art packaging and product range.

Friend of the Sea
Friend of the Sea is an international certification program for products from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. Over 500 companies in more than 50 countries have relied on Friend of the Sea to assess the sustainability of their seafood origins. Audits, based on best and most updated available scientific data, are run by accredited independent certification bodies.