19 South Australian sustainable fisheries potential candidates for FoS certification

A comprehensive report on the stock status of 45 commercial fish species in South Australia, the status of South Australian Fisheries Report by PIRSA, has recently been released, covering fish, crustaceans and shellfish.

19 of the 45 species stocks were assessed as sustainable, thus valid candidates for Friend of the Sea certification.

Several aquaculture, fisheries and processing companies from Southern Australia have already successfully undergone Friend of the Sea certification.

“South Australia’s fisheries are considered among the best managed worldwide.” comments Bray, founder and director of Friend of the Sea “Aquaculture in the area is managed following some of the strictest and best enforced environmental protection standards. Seafood from South Australia has great potential to obtain Friend of the Sea certification”.

“Friend of the Sea certification would give South Australia the international recognition of its commitment to producing environmentally sustainable seafood and confirm the State’s reputation as a world leader in fisheries management.” Continues Bray, “Moreover, the certification of the fisheries assessed as sustainable would represent an important incentive for those that have been classified as depleting or recovering to work towards the stock recovery.”

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