Friend of the Sea in the USA

Panapesca USA, part of the multinational Panapesca Group, has launched its own-brand Friend of the Sea certified scallops and red drum. This represents a further and important step by the international certification program into the North American market.

The scallops used by Panapesca originate from the previously approved Peruvian Acuacultura y Pesca Group (Acuapesca). Farming method is natural and no feed nor drugs are used. The scallops are grown (long line system) in cages which are recollected. While fuel consumption is limited to the boats picking up the cages, the company has engaged at estimating and reducing its carbon footprint in the next 12 months. Acuapesca Group has also been audited according to Friend of the Sea social accountability requirements.

The Panapesca red drum is produced by Ferme Marine de Mahebourg, Mauritius (FMM). The sites were both selected after extensive surveys and an Environmental Impact Assessment. Cages’ nets are checked daily for maintenance preventing any possible escapes. The stock in the cages is fed at regular intervals during the day using also Friend of the Sea certified sustainable feed from Coop Agricole Le Gouessant.

“We believe the Friend of the Sea helps us communicates effectively our commitment to bringing responsibly produced seafood products to the consumer” comments Michael Davis, President of Panapesca USA “Panapesca has other sustainability certifications and it is our intentions to make this a priority when evaluating suppliers and categories”.

The PANAPESCA group is composed of 16 companies (2 of them are in Italy, the remaining part is abroad), all checked directly or indirectly by the leading one.

With a present, global, joint turnover of more than 300 million EURO, Panapesca is the leading company in Italy and one of the best in Europe as to producing, provisioning and marketing frozen fish products, and in order to have a wider assortment of products, Panapesca offers frozen meat and vegetables, as well as fresh fish, even though its core-business, with a percentage which is greater than 90%, is frozen fish.

Panapesca takes care of every link in the process chain of this product: from capturing the fish with its own factory ships and fishing boats, as well as managing fishing fleets of others that work exclusively for the Group, and processing the products In Its own production units and finally their marketing.

This is connected with a multichannel distribution that goes from sales to fish industry, from food-service to large-scale retail trade, to D.O., to door-to-door selling companies, and straight to the consumer through its own chain of CRIOS shops, which are downright frozen fish markets, and finally through exporting from Italy or its own controlled companies towards the world.

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