Dolphin-Safe Project: the victory at WTO and other update

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Friend of the Sea invites you to the upcoming webinar to learn about the Dolphin-Safe Project’s victory at WTO and other updates.

You can find the file to download the power point presentations at the following link:

This webinar can be of interest to tuna and other seafood processing companies, retail and catering companies, NGOs, journalists and bloggers.

In half an hour you will be able to:

– Be informed on details related to the recent victory of the Dolphin-Safe label at the WTO;

– Be updated on the Dolphin-Safe project developments and achievements.

The webinar will take place on Wednesday 13th of February 2019 at 15:00 pm ECT. Participation is free of charge.

In this half hour session (plus Q&A) Mr. Dave Phillips (Executive Director at Earth Island Institute) and Mr. Paolo Bray (Founder and Director of International Programs for the Dolphin-Safe project of the Earth Island Institute and Director of Friend of the Sea) will cover the following subjects:

– Scientific evidence of impact of tuna fishing on dolphin populations in the Eastern Tropical Pacific;

– History of the Dolphin-Safe movement. Achievements;

– The WTO dispute and Mexico’s position;

– Recent final victory for the Dolphin-Safe label;

– Friend of the Sea and the Dolphin-Safe project;

– Recent updates on the Dolphin-Safe project;

– A look at the future of Dolphin-Safe.

You will also have the opportunity to ask the speakers in the session any questions directly.

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Hope to see you on Feb 13th 2019.

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Newma Barbosa – Marketing – Friend of the Sea