Dolphin-Safe Project: the victory at WTO and other update

fos dolphin safe label webinar

Friend of the Sea invites you to the upcoming webinar to learn about the Dolphin-Safe Project’s victory at WTO and other updates.

This webinar can be of interest to tuna and other seafood processing companies, retail and catering companies, NGOs, journalists and bloggers. In half an hour you will be able to: – Be informed on details related to the recent victory of the Dolphin-Safe label at the WTO;

– Be updated on the Dolphin-Safe project developments and achievements.

The webinar will take place on Wednesday 13th of February 2019 at 15:00 pm ECT. Participation is free of charge. In this half hour session (plus Q&A) Mr. Dave Phillips (Executive Director at Earth Island Institute) and Mr. Paolo Bray (Founder and Director of International Programs for the Dolphin-Safe project of the Earth Island Institute and Director of Friend of the Sea) will cover the following subjects:


– Scientific evidence of impact of tuna fishing on dolphin populations in the Eastern Tropical Pacific;

– History of the Dolphin-Safe movement. Achievements;

– The WTO dispute and Mexico’s position;

– Recent final victory for the Dolphin-Safe label;

– Friend of the Sea and the Dolphin-Safe project;

– Recent updates on the Dolphin-Safe project;

– A look at the future of Dolphin-Safe.

You will also have the opportunity to ask the speakers in the session any questions directly.


Join the Webinar – Save your Seat – Register Now! Hope to see you on Feb 13th 2019. Think your network might find value in this webinar? Give it a share! Kind regards, Newma Barbosa – Marketing – Friend of the Sea