Sardines and mackerel of historical Italian company Rizzoli Emanuelli out on the shelves with FoS label


Rizzoli Emanuelli is a name that recalls the history of a family and its passion for the sea. In 1898, Emilio Rizzoli and his father Luigi founded the company and produced one of the most renown specialties of the Italian kitchen – the famous ‘Anchovies in hot sauce’.  While the anchovies originate also from a Friend of the Sea approved origin – the Croatian small purse seine (lampara) fishery – the ecolabel is for the time being out on the mackerel and sardines originating from the Friend of the Sea approved Morocco fishery.
The certified products are out on the shelves of all the main retail chains in Italy, with a renewed packaging and an explanation of the reasons for certification. “We are proud of our engagement in respecting the marine habitat and wanted to communicate this to our customers by means of a reliable third party certification. This is why we applied for Friend of the Sea.” comments Mauro Dalle Vacche, Rizzoli Emanuelli Sales Manager.
“Friend of the Sea project consolidates its presence on the Italian market, but it is also rapidly expanding on all five continents” adds Dr Paolo Bray – director of Friend of the Sea “There is a growing enthusiasm around Friend of the Sea as producers worldwide want to contribute to our true marine conservation mission. ”

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