Friend of the Sea Recertifies Golden Omega for Sustainable Production of Omega-3 Concentrates

golden omega suggerita

The company recommits to practices that protect the marine environment 

Friend of the Sea, the preeminent certification standard for products and services that respect and protect the marine environment, has issued a recertification to Golden Omega, the Chilean producer of Omega-3 concentrates. Golden Omega has recommitted to sustainable fishing and production processes. The company can continue to display the Friend of the Sea logo on its products, as it has continuously done since 2013.

 “It has been wonderful to work with Golden Omega,” said Paolo Bray, Director of Friend of the Sea. “Their embrace of sustainable practices aligns with their overall approach to scientific production and quality management. They set a great example for the broader industry in this way.”

Golden Omega produces a variety of superior quality Omega-3 concentrates, including combinations of EPA+DHA from 500 mg/g up to 750 mg/g on Ethyl Ester (EE) and Triglycerides (TG) forms. The standard packaging for these Omega-3 concentrates is 190 kg drums. The company’s Omega-3 concentrates are made using patented purification and concentration technologies as well as proprietary developments—all for the purposes of high purity and quality.

Claudio Aracena, Commercial Director for Golden Omega shared, “For us, caring for the environment and sustainability of resources are key elements in our value proposition. Our unique and strategic location in the middle of the world’s richest anchovy fishing ground, in the South Pacific ocean, allows us to produce all our Omega-3 concentrates, exclusively from this resource, obtained directly from selected Friend of the Sea-certified fish oil producers. We are fully committed to the Friend of the Sea and Dolphin safe certifications.”