FoS launches online the first Sustainable Seafood Marketplace is the place for retailers and producers to search and offer certified sustainable seafood

Friend of the Sea, the international sustainable seafood certification scheme, has launched – the first online Marketplace where companies can offer, demand or search for sustainable seafood and fish feed.

The growing interest expressed by retailers and producers worldwide for sustainable seafood required an official marketplace to increase the quality and quantity of B2B contacts. Retailers and buyers have now a powerful and reliable platform to find seafood from certified sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. Producers (fisheries, farms and processing companies) can promote their sustainable seafood more efficiently and directly to their potential customers.

“Products from fisheries which comply with FAO Guidelines and Minimum Requirements can be inputted in the system, even if certified by schemes other than Friend of the Sea.” explains Dr Paolo Bray, director of Friend of the Sea “Products from overexploited stocks or fisheries whose habitat impact has not been effectively addressed, such as South African hake, New Zealand hoki, Australian mackerel icefish, cannot be included.”

The Marketplace access, consultation and products’ input are free of charge. Companies meet at the Marketplace and can then privately follow up their deals. Sustainable fishmeal, fish feed, organic and Friend of the Sea certified aquaculture products are among the various categories which can be browsed or inputted, apart from the more traditional wild-caught certified sustainable seafood.

“Friend of the Sea Marketplace B2B service to the international retail and seafood industry, is in line with our mission of promoting sustainable fisheries and aquaculture for the sake of marine conservation.” affirms Bray “It is now up to the environmentally aware retailers and producers to make good use of this new tool, boosting the demand and improving the offer.”

The Sustainable Seafood Marketplace is available at