FoS Technical Committee approves changes to criteria to include a minimum 20% Yearly Carbon Footprint reduction

Friend of the Sea announces that its Technical Committee has, early January, voted and approved changes to its criteria to include new and even more stringent requirements, which include a mandatory yearly reduction of at least 20%  of the carbon footprint of the audited production.  
The audited organization will now have to engage at having its products’ carbon footprint assessed by an accredited third party not later than 12 months after certification. Friend of the Sea Yearly surveillance audit will then verify the organization offsetting or reduction of its product’s carbon footprint by at least 20% every year.
“Friend of the Sea had already implemented a similar requirement as recommendation and in fact several certified companies, such as Omega Proteins Inc., Clean Seas and Frinsa, had already put in place a constant energy consumption reduction program, in some cases as part of their ISO 14001 certification.” explains Dr Bray – Friend of the Sea Director “We have now gone a step further and made this footprint reduction mandatory for Friend of the Sea certification. A brave decision which might preclude certification of some producers, but will motivate others to lower their environmental impact.”
Friend of the Sea Technical Committee is an open, independent body, representing stakeholders from all continents: governmental organizations, NGOs, Research Institutes, Seafood Industry and Retailers. It is the only Committee which can propose and vote changes to the Friend of the Sea criteria, in line with the FAO Guidelines.
Friend of the Sea has in 2008 launched the Friend of the Sea Seafood Carbon Footprint Calculator.

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