The Ligurian Beach “Cala Loca” hosts a day dedicated to sustainability with “Friend of the Sea”

On June 15th 2024, in the stunning setting of Cala Loca beach, located in the heart of the Beigua Geo Park in Liguria, a day entirely dedicated to sustainability will take place.

The event, named “Cala Loca & Friends,” will offer a series of activities aimed at raising awareness and promoting eco-friendly practices. A Sustainable Certified Natural Paradise Cala Loca is a gem nestled among the serpentinite rocks typical of the area, offering visitors a unique beach experience focused on relaxation and sustainability. Thanks to its commitment to environmental protection and the adoption of eco-friendly practices, Cala Loca has received the prestigious  Sustainable Beach certification from Friend of the Sea.

Friend of the Sea, a project of the World Sustainability Organization founded in 2008 by Paolo Bray, is now one of the leading global standards for products (both food and non-food) and services that respect and protect the ocean and its resources. The organization certifies beaches that, after passing an independent audit, meet the requirements of its certification scheme, including proper waste disposal, a ban on single-use plastics, and the safeguarding of natural habitats.

A Concrete Commitment to the Environment

The Cala Loca beach facility, immersed in the pristine nature of the UNESCO-listed Beigua Park, promotes management with the least possible environmental impact. Through separate waste collection and recycling, conscious energy consumption, and the choice of eco-friendly products, the impact on the ecosystem is minimized. Using fresh and seasonal ingredients enhances the local area and reduces the ecological footprint, while respecting local flora and fauna preserves the surrounding environment’s beauty. This commitment has been recognized under the Friend of the Sea’s Sustainable Beaches project.

Nagua: The Ecology Brand at Sea

The “Cala Loca & Friends” day will feature the participation of Nagua Swiss Sagl, a leading company in the marketing of ecological products for the nautical sector, also certified by Friend of the Sea. Nagua will present its philosophy and products at a dedicated desk, ranging from the nautical sector to cosmetics and eco-friendly sunscreens.

Event Schedule

10:30 – 11:30

  • Start the day with wellness: pilates activities.


17:00 – 18:00

  • “Unity is Strength”: a concrete example of the power of connections – the story of Cala Loca and Nagua, two entities brought together by Friend of the Sea events, creating a partnership focused on sustainability.
  • Presentation of the Cala Loca 2024 project “For a Sea Without Filters,” supporting the use of sunscreens with natural filters (Nagua).
  • Renewal of the certification: Friend of the Sea and Cala Loca share their stories.


19:15 – 19:45

  • Fashion show featuring sustainable fashion brands partnered with Friend of the Sea:


Katharine story

Zoe Klose 


Transforming textile

Reve de Rives 

Hanout boutique 

Trame di stile 



Natural Cotton Color 





  • Closing toast.
An Opportunity to Make a Difference
The small bay of Cala Loca, with its smooth pebbles and crystal-clear sea, is an ideal holiday spot as well as a place for those who believe in the importance of preserving the environment. June 15th’s event is a unique opportunity to learn more about sustainable initiatives and contribute to protecting our precious marine ecosystem. For more information about the event and to participate in the activities, please write to or reach out to them directly on-site.  
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