Norwegian Company Fjorda’s Omega-3 supplements are now Friend of the Sea® Certified


In October this year, Friend of the Sea® certified a new Norway based omega-3 company. Founded this past year in 2022, Fjorda is a women-led company “passionate about our collective well-being.”  Beate Thy, one of the organisation’s founders, shares Fjorda’s goals: “To make people healthy for life, naturally. We do this by bringing together food science expertise, renowned R&D capabilities, […]

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Friend of the Sea and Galapagos Conservation Trust join forces for the Galapagos Albatross.


Friend of the Sea’s support for the British charity will make it possible to complete the classification of plastic collected from the Archipelago’s beaches, addressing one of the main threats to the survival of the waved albatross. The list of conservation projects involving Friend of the Sea® is growing. The World Sustainability Organization (WSO) programme is excited […]

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EasyVit® Pharmaceuticals’ Omega-3 supplements are now Friend of the Sea® Certified


In October, Friend of the Sea® certified a new vitamin company in the Netherlands.  EasyVit® is a “top quality, science-oriented, innovative family of nutritional supplements aimed at maintaining and improving your health.” easyVit® uses its patented ConCordix® technology which emulsifies fatty acids, water and oil in their chewable gel vitamins. This structure follows the same way we take […]

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Who knew coral could be good for your health? Coral LLC markets an innovative supplement


Friend of the Sea® certified company Coral LLC produces an ingenious product: from an ancient coral reef, they extract calcium to be pulverized into a nutritional supplement. The importance of live coral is well known.  Without it, marine life and biodiversity severely suffer.  However, one of Friend of the Sea® original certified companies, Coral LLC, has discovered an inventive […]

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World Sustainability Organization online sustainability courses are back


As of November, WSO offers Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth certified technical courses to provide in depth updates on sustainability issues in the food and non-food sectors. A new season of online training courses provided by the World Sustainability Organization will start on the 10th of November.  The lectures cover subjects related […]

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The city of Pula receives the first Friend of the Sea Sustainable Award for its merits in showcasing sustainability and environmental awareness.


In a first, Friend of the Sea Confers the Sustainable City Award to Pula in Croatia. The city of Pula in Croatia has become the first on the global stage to receive the Friend of the Sea Sustainable City Award. This special recognition was delivered on Friday, June 17th, 2022, by the Founder and Director of the international certification […]

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