Tasmanian Oyster Company Renews Friend of the Sea Certification, entirely committed to Sustainable Aquaculture

In the picturesque waters of Tasmania, where pristine landscapes meet blue seas, Tasmanian Oyster Company, proudly stands as a strong ambassador of Sustainability in the realm of aquaculture. Today, the company announces a significant milestone: the successful renewal of its Friend of the Sea (FOS) certification.


This renewal signifies far more than just a validation of compliance to strict standards; it represents a strong commitment to environmental stewardship and the relentless pursuit of Sustainable practices. Tasmanian Oyster Company’s decision to undergo the rigorous audit process underlines its dedication to preserving the delicate balance of our marine ecosystems.


At the core of Tasmanian Oyster Company’s values is a great respect for nature and the overall harmony between humans and the environment. By renewing its FOS certification, the company reaffirms its pledge to produce not only delectable Pacific Oysters but also to do so in a manner that minimises its ecological footprint and maximises positive environmental impact.


Yet, Tasmanian Oyster Company’s commitment to Sustainability goes beyond the certification. As guardians of the marine environment, the company meticulously evaluates its operations, exploring ways to diminish resource consumption, minimise plastic waste, and adhere to the principles of a circular economy. In doing so, it reduces its environmental footprint as well as establishing a model for widespread industry transformation.


The recertification process undertaken by Tasmanian Oyster Company adheres rigorously to the standards set by the Friend of the Sea organization. From the traceability of its products to the Sustainability, every facet of the company’s operations is meticulously scrutinized, ensuring alignment with the highest benchmarks of Sustainability.


As the sun sets over Tasmania’s coastline, Tasmanian Oyster Company stands as a testament to the power of conscientious stewardship. Through its commitment to Sustainable aquaculture practices, it continues to sustains livelihoods and to nurture the delicate life that thrives beneath the waves.


To learn more about Sustainable Aquaculture, and the chance to certify your practices follow the link FOS Sustainable standards.