Frabelle Fishing Corporation (recertification)

Leigh Fisheries

Leal Santos

Tropic Fishery (PVT) LTD

Panofi Co. Ltd

Optuna No 42

Frescomar SARL

Industrias Alimenticias Leal Santos

FRI Seafood Trading*

Nuevo Fresco Marine Trading Corporation*

Jarla Trading*

E.M. Buenaventura Trading*

J.N. Mercado Seafood Supply*

JAM Seafoods Inc.*

Tenpoint Manufacturing Corporation*

P.T. Karyacypta Buanasentosa*

Frabelle Fishing Corporation*

Phil Union Frozen Foods

Calvopesca El Salvador

Transmarina C.A.

Global Sea Foods*

Lihini Seafoods

VS Seafood*

Sapmer SA*

Ensis Fisheries PVT Ltd*

Jude Foods India*


* Companies that have applied for certification before the current accredited system.