Is your fishmeal or fishoil sustainable? Check it now with FoS and let your customers know!

Where does your fish meal or fish feed come from? From wild-caught fish or from trimmings/by-cuts? Which species are used for your fishmeal or fish feed? From which fishing area and with what fishing method are they caught? Is the fishery sustainable?

Friend of the Sea, a rapidly growing sustainable seafood certification scheme, can help you at no cost and with no engagement, to run a preliminary assessment of your fishmeal/feed origin. You will know in a matter of a few hours if your fishmeal/feed originates from a sustainable fishery.

Do you want to let your customer know you are sustainable? An affordable audit by an independent international certification body can be run and – if certified – you will be able to tell your customers and the world that your fishmeal/feed is certified sustainable by Friend of the Sea.

Friend of the Sea follows FAO Guidelines for certification of sustainable seafood. It is participated by some main retail chains, such as Carrefour and Coop Italy, Manor, Eroski and several producers of wild-caught and aquaculture seafood.

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