Discover the Wonderful World of Mantas


The Manta, known to have the largest brain-to-body ratio of any fish, is among the largest animals in the ocean…discover more about the wonderful world of Mantas to commemorate World Manta Day.   As the world marks Manta Day on September 17 annually; with the aim of raising awareness about the conservation of manta and […]

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Everything you need to know about Sharks on International Shark Day


To celebrate International Shark Day on July 14, the World Sustainability Foundation and Friend of the Sea® will take you into the world of the Shark You can visit the Save the Sharks Campaign page to look at the initiatives taken by the WSF and Friend of the Sea® over the years And happy International Shark Day to all!   Sharks facts […]

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Explore the world of green turtles on World Sea Turtle Day


World Sea Turtle Day is observed on June 16th annually, this year Friend of the Sea and the World Sustainability Foundation give you a window into the world of the fascinating Green Sea Turtle.   Come along, while we discover the largest sea turtle species belonging to the Chelonidae family, and the only living species in the genus Chelonia. […]

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Uncover coral reefs on world oceans day


To observe International Oceans Day on June 8, Friend of the Sea® takes you deep underwater, revealing interesting and unknown facts about coral reefs; a precious yet endangered ecosystem found on the seabed.   Coral reefs are biodiversity treasures, distributed in intertropical areas where water temperatures are high enough for their existence.   Consisting of […]

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Discover Sea Turtles on World Turtle Day


World Turtle Day is marked globally on May 23rd, to commemorate the day Friend of the Sea® and the World Sustainability Foundation is giving you insight into one of the world’s most intriguing yet endangered creatures – The Loggerhead Sea Turtle, a species also known as Caretta caretta. Turtles have been in existence for over 200 million years – making […]

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The World Sustainability Foundation


The World Sustainability Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing sustainability and protecting the environment and its species. The World Sustainability Foundation (WSF) is a non-profit arm of the World Sustainability Organization (WSO) that aims to protect and improve the environment by promoting a culture of sustainable development. Chaired by the economist and […]

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From Italy the World Sustainability Foundation. The Foundation counts conservation projects in more than 40 countries worldwide.


The World Sustainability Foundation makes it possible to actively contribute to conservation and humanitarian initiatives simply by purchasing products certified as sustainable by Friend of the Sea® and Friend of the Earth® Milan-based World Sustainability Foundation (WSF) is a nonprofit with global social solidarity goals. Land enhancement, protection of marine and terrestrial resources and habitats, […]

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Friend of the Sea and Galapagos Conservation Trust join forces for the Galapagos Albatross.


Friend of the Sea’s support for the British charity will make it possible to complete the classification of plastic collected from the Archipelago’s beaches, addressing one of the main threats to the survival of the waved albatross. The list of conservation projects involving Friend of the Sea® is growing. The World Sustainability Organization (WSO) programme is excited […]

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INTERVIEW: Tartalife: Reduction of sea turtle mortality in the professional fishing


Mr. Paolo Bray interviews Dr. Alessandro Lucchetti, PhD Researcher at CNR, expert in national and european legislation on fishing gears and project coordinator in Tartalife, a program to introduce turtle bycatch reduction measures in fishing. TARTALIFE:The conservation of Caretta caretta, a priority species included in App. II/IV of the Habitat Directive and protected in various […]

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