Nagua Achieves the Friend of the Sea Certification for Nautical Eco-friendly Cleaning Products.

Nagua Achieves

Nagua’s nautical ecological line of products spares the ocean from chemical pollution.

Friend of the Sea, the global certification standard for products and services that respect and protect the marine environment, has recognized Nagua Swiss Sagl for its line of ecological cleaning products that spare the ocean from the spilling of harmful chemicals. Accordingly, Nagua can now display the Friend of the Sea label on its nautical products.

Nagua is a Swiss-based company that created an innovative line of eco-friendly cleaning products specially designed for boats. The idea was born out of the concern about the impact of chemicals spilled into the sea, particularly those present in products to clean different kinds of boats.

Besides plastic, chemicals are the other significant contributor to sea pollution. From an invisible kind, but equally harmful. The residues of products used for cleaning boats and personal care while seafaring can end up in the sea, damaging the marine ecosystem. For this reason, Friend of the Sea developed the Sustainable Cleaning Standard to provide guidelines that promote chemical safety and reduce environmental impact.

Nagua’s products are made from natural ingredients to give an ecological alternative to the usual chemical or petroleum-based products. The company’s nautical line, which includes universal degreasers, laundry detergent, floor and glass cleaners, as well as personal care items such as solid cosmetics and sunscreens, are made with over 95% of natural ingredients. The impact on the marine ecosystem is consequently minimal and sustainable.

Additionally, Nagua’s products are not tested on animals and do not contain synthetic dyes or parabens. Packaging is optimized to reduce material waste and is made from recycled and recyclable plastic.

We realized that life on a boat requires more attention to ecology. We are indirect contact with the sea, and everything we use on the boat often ends up directly in the water,” said Liciane Kenik, Nagua’s General Manager, referring to the company’s origins. “This is why we want to propose an ecological line. We too are boaters, and we have experienced this need firsthand”.

Nagua has fully earned the Friend of the Sea certification for its great commitment to the sea. So often, when we look at our seas and oceans, we think that nothing can harm them. But, in reality, every little gesture can make a difference,” said Paolo Bray, CEO of Friend of the Sea. “We are happy that more and more companies understand the need for an environmental change.

The Friend of the Sea criteria for sustainable cleaning products takes into consideration:

● Management system.

● Production.

● Chemical composition.

● Environmental impact.

● Packaging.

● Energy management.

● Social accountability.

About Friend of the Sea 

Friend of the Sea, a World Sustainability Organization project, awards sustainable practices in Fisheries, Aquaculture, Fishmeal, and Omega-3. The organization promotes pilot projects related to restaurants, sustainable shipping, whale and dolphin-watching, aquaria, ornamental fish, UV creams, etc. It is the only sustainable fisheries certification program recognized and supervised globally by a National Accreditation Body. 

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