Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth launch petition to save the Titicaca Water Frog

petition to save the Titicaca Water Frog

On the occasion of World Frogs Day, the projects encourage the Government of Peru to undertake measures to protect critically endangered species

Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth, the international projects which protect the marine and land habitats by means of sustainability certifications and conservation campaigns, announced today that they have launched a petition to help save the Titacaca Water Frog. The species was previously common, but it has experienced massive declines and it is now seriously threatened. The petition requests the Peruvian Government to take measures to protect the Titicaca Water Frog. 

On occasion of World Frogs Day, March 20th, we wish to bring to the attention of the world the plight of this precious species” said Paolo Bray, Director of Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth. “We invite people to read and sign the petition. This way, we can raise awareness and motivate the Peruvian Government to deploy stricter measures to protect the Titicaca Water Frog.”

Titicaca Water Frog

The species is native to Peru’s Lake Titicaca, which is located at an elevation of 3,810 meters above sea level. It is wholly aquatic, with reproduction taking place in shallow waters close to the lake’s shoreline. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists the frog as Critically Endangered because of an observed 80% population decline in the last three generations. Captive-breeding programs around Lake Titicaca are generally considered to have been unsuccessful.

Causes of the frog’s endangerment

The causes of the frog’s endangerment include over-exploitation, habitat degradation and predation. Being captured for food and medicinal products, the frog has suffered from over-harvesting of adults. The species is further affected by presumed predation of its larvae by introduced trout, water extraction from the lake and domestic and agricultural water pollution. In recent years some of the people living near the lake have become more aware of the plight of the Titicaca Water Frog and seem to be more willing to protect it.

There has been a severe loss of suitable aquatic habitat where reproduction takes place,” Bray commented. He then added, “We need to protect the Lake habitat and the species. We hope the Peruvian Government will undertake effective and timely initiatives to protect this unique ecosystem”.  

Sign the petition to save the Titicaca Water Frog

You can read and sign the petition at 

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