FoS Recertifies Atlantic Shrimpers Limited for Sustainable Seafood Production

Recertifies Atlantic Shrimpers

Largest fishing company in Nigeria renews its certification for preservation of the marine environment

Atlantic Shrimpers Limited and the Prim7stars brand of shrimp have been recertified for sustainable seafood production by Friend of the Sea. Friend of the Sea is the preeminent certification standard for products and services that respect and protect the marine environment. Atlantic Shrimpers Limited is the largest fishing company in Nigeria. With the renewal of its certification, Atlantic Shrimpers Limited can continue to display the Friend of the Sea eco-label on its products.

“Like many of our certified companies, Atlantic Shrimpers Limited works at a very large scale,” said Paolo Bray, Director of Friend of the Sea. “With the size of their operations mind, it’s impressive to see their commitment to the environment. It’s an honor to renew their certification.”

Atlantic Shrimpers Limited harvests over 3,500 metric tons of tropical shrimp every year. The company offers consumers products like Prim7star Head-On Wild Tiger Shrimp, Head-On White, Head-On Brown, Head-On Kerathurus, Head-On Cappa, Headless White and Primstar BV is the company’s sales and marketing organization.

The 1,300-person Atlantic Shrimpers Limited runs a digital reporting system that allows its Fleet Manager to monitor production from different fishing grounds. Their goal is to maintain an optimal balance between ocean stocks and fishing results. In the process, the Atlantic Shrimpers Limited fleet conducts careful turtle avoidance and operates By-catch Reduction Devices  and escape systems to avoid harming non-shrimp marine wildlife. Otherwise, they risk a by-catch of small fish, turtles and marine mammals. These measures enable Atlantic Shrimpers Limited to be certified by the US Department of State for shrimp exports to the US.


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