FoS next One-to-One Meeting in Milan: a networking opportunity for sustainable retailers

Friend of the Sea next One-to-One Meeting in Milan: a networking opportunity for sustainable retailers

Sustainable Retailers

Friend of the Sea will be hosting the third edition of the International One-to-One Meeting (details here), on June 23-24, 2016, in Milan, Italy. Organized together with Friend of the Earth (the new label for sustainable agriculture) and in collaboration with Largo Consumo, the major Italian retail and catering magazine, the meeting represents a unique international opportunity to meet certified suppliers.

The two past editions of the meeting, held in Venice, Italy and Bangkok, Thailand, gathered more than 140 participants from about 30 countries. Among these, Metro, Coop, Morrisons and Eataly, just to name a few.

This year’s event will start with several conferences on Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth activities, while round tables with national and international speakers will offer a great overview on the international scenario of sustainability in food production and distribution.

Certified companies will then participate to one-to-one meetings with retailers and catering chains.

“The One-to-One Meeting is a unique opportunity, both for certified companies and retailers, to enter into a productive dialogue,” says Paolo Bray, Founder and Director of Friend of the Sea. “With the success of the past editions, we are really looking forward to this year’s one.”

For more information about the International One-to-One Meeting, please contact us here.


Friend of the Sea

Friend of the Sea is an international certification program for products from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. Over 500 companies in more than 50 countries have relied on Friend of the Sea to assess the sustainability of their seafood origins. Audits, based on best and most updated available scientific data, are run by accredited independent certification bodies.

Friend of the Earth

Friend of the Earth is a non-profit project for the certification of products from sustainable agriculture and farming. Coming from the positive experience of the Friend of the Sea certification for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, Friend of the Earth is rapidly growing as the leading international label for sustainable agriculture production. Friend of the Earth certification requirements are based on FAO’s SAFA guidelines for sustainable agriculture and farming. Certified production sites cannot be developed on critical habitats and producers must have a social and environmental management system in place, be compliant with national environmental laws, conserve existing ecosystems and reduce their impacts to a sustainable level.

Largo Consumo

Largo Consumo is the leading economics and marketing magazine, focused on consumer goods and exploring the complex relations between producers and distribution.