Brazilian manufacturer PoleCaps found compliant with FoS standard for sustainable Omega-3

Brazilian manufacturer PoleCaps found compliant with Friend of the Sea standard

for sustainable Omega-3

30 July 2018_ Brazilian supplement company PoleCaps® achieves Friend of the Sea certification for its soft gel capsules line Joie originated from highly refined oils.

Friend of the Sea’s standard for sustainable Omega-3 fish oils certifies that the oil originates only from fisheries that are compliant with Friend of the Sea’s sustainable fishing requirements, including good fishery management, selective fishing gears and social responsibility, and that a full chain of custody is in place throughout the supply and production chain.

PoleCaps® is specialized in the manufacturing, outsourcing and development of soft gelatine capsules. Based in São Paulo, it is part of the Group POLENECTAR® founded in 1990 by bee products manufacturer Celso Dall’Agnol.
With Friend of the Sea certification we commit to environmental sustainability in the long term,” declares Juliana Frey Weege, R&D Coordinator at PoleCaps®. “We are motivated to spread the values of the respect of the nature and human conditions at work and keeping on maintaining our high quality standards.
We are glad to record the increasing environmental awareness and engagement of the Brazilian nutraceutical industry. We welcome PoleCaps® Friend of the Sea certification providing Omega-3 distributors and consumers with environmentally sustainable supplements,” comments Paolo Bray, founder and director of Friend of the Sea.

Brazil is one of the most robust markets for the health and nutrition products in South America. In 2015, a research conducted by ABIAD around the dietary supplements industry showed that 54% of the population are taking supplements compared with the 68% in the US.

Certified Joie Ômega-3 and Joie Real Vita are available only in Brazil.