Stolt Sea Farm, world leader of farmed turbot, certified FoS

“Farming takes pressure off stocks fished unsustainably”

4,000 tonnes of turbot, approximately 60% of worldwide farmed production, have been certified as sustainable by Friend of the Sea. The farmed turbot comes from the Spanish based Stolt Sea Farm, a subsidiary of Stolt-Nielsen S.A.

Turbot is a flat marine fish that lives camouflaged in the sandy and stony sea bed at mixed depths in the shallow waters surrounding the European continent. Popularly known as “king of the flat fish” and “pheasant of the seas”, it is one of the most sought-after species thanks to its firm, delicious white meat, and is regarded as a true gastronomic luxury.

Turbot’s strong demand and high value have lead to overexploitation of stocks and fishing with unsustainable methods, such as beam trawling, one of the most damaging fishing methods in use as it destroys or disturbs everything in its path. Trawling is also associated with discarding of unwanted undersized or over-quota fish.

“Friend of the Sea suggests environmentally aware consumers to choose turbot from certified sustainable farms. Turbot fished in the North Atlantic should be avoided as it is over-exploited and often caught with beam trawlers.” states Paolo Bray – Director of Friend of the Sea.

“Stolt Sea Farm is committed to sustainable development” affirms Mr Enrique Corrales, Sales Manager Stolt Sea Farm “We are certified ISO9001 and ISO14001 and we limit the environmental impacts throughout the whole production cycle, optimizing energy, water and waste management. Friend of the Sea represents a comprehensive sustainability certification which delivers a powerful marketing message to our customers and consumers”.

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