Spanish Caviar Nacarii from farmed sturgeon certified FOS sustainable

While sturgeon is an endangered species in the wild, farming it has been widely accepted as a valid sustainable alternative to obtain high quality caviar. For this reason and for the extreme care taken by Caviar Nacarii in limiting the impact of its production on the environment, its sturgeon and caviar have been awarded the Friend of the Sea sustainability certification.

Caviar Nacarii is part of the Neoelectra Management S.L. group. The Spanish company is located in the Aran Valley, 20 kms from where the Garonne River springs at an altitude of 700 meters.

The Aran Valley is a place that combines natural elements of the Mediterranean, Central European and boreal-alpine to give a vast diversity of ecosystems in a small territory. These are perfect conditions for the captive breeding of sturgeon.

Caviar Nacarii has implemented strict water quality management processes. They regularly monitor all stages of micro-filtrations. They have also implemented an organic waste and drainage chamber to make sure the waste waters leaving the farm are as unpolluted as possible.

Caviar Nacarii’s Production Director Antonio Portalo confirms “With Friend of the Sea’s sustainable guarantee we can highlight our efforts to produce the best possible conditions for our sturgeon and caviar production.”

For more information:

Production Director – Mr Antonio Portalo
Caviar Nacarii S.L.U.
Tel: 0034 629 91 79 09

Executive Director – Mr Paolo Bray
Friend of the Sea
Tel: +39 348 565 0306


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