Pike-Perch and Perch from Estonian lakes certified FoS sustainable

Friend of the Sea announces the certification of Logi-F AS, an Estonian company exporting whole fish from wholesalers or directly from fisheries and also fillets from producers. The certified products originate from the approved Estonian Lakes Fisheries (Lake Peipsi, Lammi and Võrtsjärve).

The fish stocks in Lake Peipsi, Lammi and Võrtsjärve are now abundant thanks to close monitoring as well as controlled catch and fixed quotas. Due to effective efforts in overseeing and controlling fishing and fish mortality, Pike-Perch stock has increased tenfold in the Estonian lakes over the past 15 years, as a result of the compliance to International agreements between Estonia and the Russian Federation. The Ministry of the Environment fully regulates resources as well as environmental issues of the lakes. The Estonian Environmental Inspectorate also maintains a close daily surveillance.
Mr Uve Seero and Mr Olgert Margus, the Logi-F AS Company Owners are delighted, “We are proud that our constant commitment to International regulations has kept our fishing lakes thriving. With this certification we can prove to our customers that as a Company we care about our environment and the sustainability of Estonia’s fish stocks.”
The perch from Logi-F is the first to be certified Friend of the Sea. Perch market demand is increasing and some retailers in Europe have already expressed their interest.
For more information, please contact:
Mrs Krislin Seero
Logi-F AS
Riia mnt 110 Parnu, 80042
Tel: +372 447 5720
Executive Director – Mr Paolo Bray
Friend of the Sea
+39 348 565 0306
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