Norwegian and Italian salmon leaders achieve FoS certification

Fjord SpA, producer of over 15% of Italian smoked salmon and Sjotroll Havbruk AS, one of the main Norwegian producers have applied for and obtained Friend of the Sea certification. The project confirms this way its rapid growth in both countries.

Sjotroll owns 6 hatcheries and 25 seafarms. All farming operations are located in remote Norwegian islands in the Bergen area. An Environmental impact Assessment was run successfully at all sites, according to the Norwegian statutory requirements. Parameters are tested annually by an independent laboratory for velocity, inorganic nutrients, redox potential, flora and fauna potential impact. Furthemore daily water quality, temperatue, tides and oxygen tests are run at all sites.  
All seawater sites are offshore and have between 100 and 200 metres depth below cages, allowing for appropriate nutrients dispersion. Underwater cameras are used to optimize feeding practices. Annual benthic assessment at
seawater farms have reported good results due to the depth and tidal movement of water.  Strict procedures are in place and tested in case of any escape, according also to the Norwegian legislation.  
As part of the audit requirements, both Sjotroll and Fjord have engaged at assessing the products Carbon Footprint and reduce it over the next twelve months.
“We are enthusiastic in being part of the Friend of the Sea project” comments Mr Antonio Pellin, MD of Fjord SpA “We are in the process of having all other suppliers assessed and some products are already out on the shelves labeled. Friend of the Sea label explains our demanding customers that our company cares about the environment and conservation”.
Over 5 million Fjord’s Friend of the Sea labeled products will be out on the shelves in the next 12 months, also as private labels in some major retail chains in Italy.

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