New DHA Omega-3 Liquid Line from Canadian DDrops certified FoS sustainable

New DHA Omega-3 Liquid line from Canadian Ddrops® certified Friend of the Sea sustainable

Think Mist
28 February 2018Ddrops® Company achieves Friend of the Sea certification for their newest highly refined fish oil DHA supplement, Thinkmist™, from European sardine and European anchovy as well as chub mackerel.
Friend of the Sea’s standard for sustainable fish feed, fish meal, fish oil and Omega-3 certifies that the oil originates only from fisheries that are compliant with Friend of the Sea’s sustainable fishing requirements (including good fishery management, selective fishing gears and social responsibility) and that a full chain of custody is in place throughout the supply and production chain.
Ddrops® is excited to announce a new offering, Thinkmist™ DHA liquid. Thinkmist™ has been awarded a Friend of the Sea certification, recognizing the supply of its high quality, whole body fish oil from sustainable sources,” declares Susan Jankus, Director of Sales and Marketing. “Thinkmist™ builds on the tremendous success of Ddrops® Company products in worldwide markets and highlights the need for simple, high quality supplements for infants and children. A certification by Friend of the Sea is important for us, as the entire company strives to deliver the best possible solutions while respecting the environment”.
Ddrops ® Company provides simple, easy to use products for growing families.  Its research and development is geared toward developing and marketing safe, effective, convenient and economical supplements under the Ddrops® Company brand. All Ddrops® Company products are formulated from high quality, pure ingredients and made in a dedicated Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility in North America.
Canadian families will surely appreciate Ddrops ® Company’s engagement to social and environmental sustainability. The Friend of the Sea logo will allow them to make a responsible choice” comments Paolo Bray, Director of Friend of the Sea.
Note by Ddrops ® Company: the FDA has not evaluated the statements in this press release. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.