MJ Seafood offers the largest FoS accredited fish and seafood range to foodservice


12 April 2012
Leading seafood specialists, M&J Seafood, is offering the largest Friend of the Sea (FOS) accredited fish and seafood range in UK foodservice.
The FOS accreditation, which is the only one of its kind to monitor, evaluate and accredit fish and seafood from both farmed and wild-caught environments, is present on a range of sustainable seafood available from M&J Seafood since December 2011. The range includes: Lemon sole, Plaice, Dabs, Dover Sole, Turbot, Brill and Tuna.
Mike Berthet, director of seafood at M&J commented: “We work closely with a number of organisations, initiatives, industry peers and charities to ensure our fish and seafood is sustainable and sourced in a fair and ethical way. We do this to not only preserve fish stocks, but to preserve the livelihood of the thousands of people who are working directly and indirectly within the seafood industry.
“The Friend of the Sea accredited range allows M&J Seafood to offer unrivalled choice for its customers, who are looking to make ethical and sustainable choices, while continuing to serve and enjoy seafood.” 
Commenting on the accreditation, Dr. Paolo Bray, Friend of the Sea director said: “We are proud to work with M&J Seafood to offer a sustainable Friend of the Sea accredited range for foodservice. I believe there is a long way to go to offer a uniform definition and regulation for sustainable fish and seafood, but by working with organizations like M&J Seafood, I feel like we are making progress.”
More information about the FOS accredited range are available on M&J Seafood website: www.mjseafood.com.
For more information please contact:

Paolo Bray – Director
Friend of the Sea
Harriet Rodgers or Jane Worsdall
Pelican Public Relations Ltd
Tel: 01457 820807
Issued on behalf of Brakes Group
Friend of the Sea is an international non-profit certification scheme for products from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. Certified products are fished from not overexploited nor IUCN Redlisted stocks and with selective methods which do not impact the seabed.
M&J Seafood was established over 30 years ago and has grown to become the UK leading independent seafood supplier. It is now a member of European foodservice business, the Brakes Group. M&J Seafood offers a first-class local service to more than 13,000 chefs nationwide, including restaurants, hotels, pubs, contract caterers, education and quick-service restaurants plus fishmongers and other wholesalers.
The company is dedicated to sustainability. It currently runs initiatives to help maintain stocks and support fisheries, involvement in the Responsible Fishing Scheme, a commitment to using under-utilised species plus banning the sale of endangered species. 
With a turnover of over £2.6bn, ‪ Brakes Group is a leading supplier to the foodservice industry in the UK, Ireland, France and Sweden. The group comprises a family of specialist businesses which are able to deliver everything the caterer needs, including their own brand ranges developed specifically for chefs.
Brakes Group has developed a clear customer focus and a strong understanding of the needs of the foodservice sector providing innovative products and services and is committed to improving both the environment and the communities it serves.

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