Invitation to the Friend of the Sea DAY – Chile 8th April 2011

I would personally like to invite you to our Friend of the Sea day taking place on 8th April

This event will take place in the Hotel Gran Pacifico, Urmeneta 719, Puerto Montt

Why participate?
World fishing captures have reached a maximum of approx. 90 million tons in 2000 and from then, due to overexploitation of main stocks, the resources have gradually reduced, compensated only in part by the increase of aquaculture fishing methods. Aquaculture itself, however, can also have an impact on the environment through the use of fish-feed which comes from the capture of marine fish species.

Recently both consumers and producers are becoming increasingly more aware of the danger of over-exploitation of fish resources and the potential environmental impact of fishing and aquaculture. Most of the World’s largest distribution companies have begun to implement purchasing strategies which favour sustainable seafood products deriving from environmental conservation initiatives.

The Friend of the Sea project, originates from the Earth Island Institute’s Dolphin-Safe Project – the precursor of all sustainable seafood certification schemes. Friend of the Sea has grown rapidly since its institution in 2007. Over 130 companies from 40 countries have their products certified from approximately 135 different species.

In Chile, Friend of the Sea has certified mussels from Empresa Pesquera Apiao, Huimar, Ria Austral and Toralla as well as Squid from Seatec EIRL.

By gaining certification and using the Friend of the Sea label your Company, retailers and distributers can assist the well being of the world’s oceans.

The meeting will allow participants to:
– Acquire the latest sustainable fishing and aquaculture news
– Gain a knowledge of the environmental impact problems facing fishing production
– Gain a full understanding of how the Friend of the Sea project works and how to join
– Get to know the Chilean and International companies who already have Friend of the Sea certificated products

Mr Angel Herrerra – Friend of the Sea Regional Monitor for South America
Mr Paolo Bray – Friend of the Sea Executive Director Friend of the Sea (via video conference)
Mr Arturo Silva Huerta – SGS
Mr Sergio Leiro– Toralla General Manager
Mr Manuel Gago – Huimar General Manager

Please confirm your participation to Rebecca Gledhill at +39.0258215791 or skype Rebecca-FOS as soon as possible

For more information about how to reach the hotel

To know more about Friend of the Sea check the institutional video:
English Version
Spanish Version

Yours sincerely,
Executive Director – Mr Paolo Bray
Friend of the Sea
Tel: +39 348 565 0306


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