Goerlich Pharma International GmbH is certified sustainable

Goerlich Pharma International provides its clients marine-based Omega-3 fatty acid concentrates with various ratios and concentrations of EPA and DHA. These Omega-3 oils are produced by EPAX AS which stands with its partners for sustainable fishing practices and environmentally conscious manufacturing.

The crude fish oil for EPAX Omega-3 concentrates comes through the strategic alliance with Austral Group SAA, Peru. Certified by Friend of the Sea (FOS) for compliance with fishing methods and sustainability requirements, EPAX AS has also been independently certified by FOS to have a sustainable operation – from fish harvesting in Peru to finished Omega-3 products in Norway.

Executive Director of Friend of the Sea, Paolo Bray comments, “Rigorous sustainable management is the key to meet growing market demand for fish oil supplements and conserve the marine habitat for the future.”

Goerlich Pharma International is the exclusive partner of EPAX AS for the countries of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The provided Omega-3 concentrates are manufactured following highest quality standards in a GMP certified plant.

As manufacturer and service provider Goerlich Pharma International generates successful, integrated, systematic solutions for its customers. The product development services range from complete formulation and raw material procurement to packaging of the final product. Goerlich Pharma International develops tailored solutions for ideal applications and – as an integrated partner – creates the basis for your product’s market success.

For more information, please contact:
Sales and Marketing Assistant – Ms Bettina Steinbichl
Goerlich Pharma International GmbH
Tel: +49 (0) 8071 9083 0
Email: b.steinbichl@goerlich-pharma.com

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