German Omega-3 certified sustainable

Friend of the Sea announces certification of omega-3-loges®, a balanced diet supplement for treating heart disease caused by fat metabolism disorders. The innovative product’s enteric-coated capsules improve resorption and avoid fish taste.
omega3-loges® is composed of Omega-3 concentrates from Friend of the Sea certified EPAX. The Norwegian supplier, in turn sources its fish oils from the approved Peruvian Austral Group anchovy fleet.
Friend of the Sea controls, via independent audit and continuous Chain of Custody control system, that the final product originates only from the approved sustainable origin in Peru.
“The Friend of the Sea (FOS) certification is very important for us because it acknowledges our commitment to sustainable fishing practices and our sense of responsibility concerning natural resources” stated Dr. Stefan Bruhn, Group Product Manager.
Loges‘ certification increases Friend of the Sea ecolabel presence in the German market and its acceptance as the sustainability Standard for the Omega-3 industry.


About Dr. Loges + Co GmbH:

Dr. Loges + Co GmbH has been developing, producing and selling biological medicines for over 50 years. Their ingredients come from the plant kingdom and are natural substances such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Dr. Loges + Co GmbH combines the knowledge of natural healing that has grown over centuries with the use of modern production and research methods, which includes conducting clinical trials of a high standard. Supreme obligation is to the health of our customers with reliable, efficient and well-tolerated medicines to

About EPAX:

EPAX AS is the leading global supplier of marine-based Omega-3 EPA/DHA fatty acid concentrates. EPAX Omega-3 products are supplied under the brand name EPAX in the business-to-business segment. EPAX is a vertically integrated company that sources its raw material, pelagic fish (anchovy), from all-wild sources within its own fisheries in Peru.
About Austral Group SAA.

Austral Group SAA is one of the leading fishing groups in the world that produces fish oil from various pelagic species, including anchovy fished in the South Pacific ocean by its own fleet of 37 vessels.


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