FoS sushi at Matsuri restaurants in France and Switzerland

The French Matsuri has joined other sushi chains in UK and Switzerland by offering Friend of the Sea sustainable sushi.

Matsuri started in 1986 and now has 11 restaurants in Paris, Lyon, Reims and Geneve as well as 4 boutiques with more being opened by the end of the year. Matsuri offers Friend of the Sea certified yellowfin tuna, farmed kingfish and mulloway.

According to Eric Woog – Matsuri’s President “the sushi market is growing and competition is fierce. Friend of the Sea’s trusted ecolabel matches our customers demand for sustainable fish. Matsuri has been committed to reducing its environmental impacts since 2008. It has already reduced by 16% its CO2 emissions and it has switched to organic rice. Matsuri is also at work on new recycled and recycling packaging and several other organic products.”

Matsuri has also designed its own blog which is a good way to have a chat with customers about Matsuri’s commitment to environmental issues.

Matsuri and Friend of the Sea will also engage in a consumer awareness campaign in France and Switzerland starting in early 2011 which will inform Matsuri’s several thousand daily customers about Friend of the Sea, sustainable fishing and aquaculture practices.

For more information, please contact:

President – Mr Eric Woog
Tel. +33 1 80 27 19 60

Friend of the Sea
Executive Director – Mr Paolo Bray
Tel: +39 348 565 0306


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