Friend of the Sea certified omega-3 product in Norway and Sweden

VitoMaris is a Friend of the Sea certified omega-3 supplement. The certification means that the omega 3 used in this product meets environmentally validated fisheries and production methods.

The Omega-3 ingredient in VitoMaris is made from the by-products of Calamari food processing. By using the by-products from existing fisheries, the company is adding value to these important global fishery resources, an effort which is recognized by Friend of the Sea.
Another advantage with the omega-3 source calamari, is that it has higher proportion DHA than most other omega-3 sources. DHA is the most important fatty acid of omega-3and has documented effect on concentration and memory.
VitoMaris is distributed in Norway and Sweden by VitOmega. In Sweden the name of the company is VitoPharma.
VitOmegas products are made of natural raw materials that have documented effect. The company follows the EU rules for documentation of approved health claims (EFSA). All the products are produced according to Good Manufacturing Practice, with high quality standards.
“Friend of the Sea aims at promoting those omega-3 products which originate from sustainable and well managed fisheries” explains Dr Paolo Bray,Director of Friend of the Sea.
Friend of the Sea is an international non-profit certification scheme for products from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. Certified products are fished from not overexploited nor IUCN Redlisted stocks and with selective methods which do not impact the seabed.
Friend of the Sea has become the international reference standard for producers of Omega-3.
For more information please contact:
Paolo Bray – Director
Friend of the Sea
Ann-Christin BakkeMarketing Manager VitOmega / + 47 926 34 602
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