French CFTO supports FoSs sustainable shipping program

 CFTO Support

30 October 2017 – Compagnie Française du Thon Océanique (CFTO) – the major French tuna ship-owner – in an effort to further reduce its environmental impact, is now moving its Friend of the Sea certified tuna only by means of certified sustainable shipping operators, such as GreenSea. Now CFTO tuna can be considered truly sustainable: from the fishing area to the finished product.

Merchant shipping is currently carrying more than 90% of international trade. Although several shipping companies have already implemented strict sustainability measures, there are still some which don’t even comply with the minimum requirements. In order to allow for a faster and reliable identification of responsible operators, Friend of the Sea has recently launched the new international certification for sustainable shipping. Two large global shipping companies, GreenSea and Seatrade, audited by third party auditor BMT Surveys, were found compliant with the Friend of the Sea criteria and have achieved the certification.

Friend of the Sea’s certification criteria include pollution prevention, water and waste control, social accountability and sustainable seafood requirements.

CFTO is engaged to sustainability all through its production and distribution activities”, explains Auke van de Kerk, Managing Director of CFTO. “This is why we are requesting our shipping providers to undergo a Friend of the Sea sustainable shipping audit.”

For more information about Friend of the Sea’s sustainable shipping, watch the video here

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