Cromaris Certified by FoS for Sustainable Aquaculture

Cromaris Certified

Leading Croatian producer of white fish meets high standards for preservation of the marine environment

Friend of the Sea,the preeminent certification standard for products and services that respect and protect the marine environment, confirmed the certification of Cromaris, a leading Croatian aquaculture company, for demonstrable sustainable practices. Cromaris displays the Friend of the Sea eco-label brand on its wide catalog offish products from the Adriatic Sea. 

“It has truly been a pleasure to work with a company that’s so dedicated to upholding environmental standards,” said Paolo Bray, Director of Friend of the Sea. “Cromaris’ commitment to sustainable aquaculture is very impressive.” 

Cromaris, based in Zadar, Croatia, on the Adriatic coast, is specialized in the cultivation and processing of white fish. The 500-person company focuses particularly on sea bass,sea bream and shellfish like Adriatic oysters. Before completing the certification with Friend of the Sea, Cromaris was already following a strictnon-GMO policy. The company is also certified with IFS Food, BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, Global G.A.P., ISO standards 9001, 14001, 22000 and FSSC for quality, environmental management and food safety.

“The Friend of the Sea certification is very meaningful for us,” said Goran Markulin, CEO of Cromaris. “We strive to deliver fish of impeccable freshness and highest quality to our customers. Our processes ensure controlled traceability of the primary raw materials to the finished product,which includes own hatcheries, farms, processing, logistics and retail outlets.We are dedicated to superior quality of our products because we want to provide best products to our consumers. Our business is based on trust and mutual respect among employees, consumers, customers and other stakeholders. That is why we are proud to be a Friend of the Sea. ”

About Friend of the Sea 

Friend of the Sea, a project of the World Sustainability Organization, awards sustainable practices in Fisheries, Aquaculture, Fishmeal and Omega 3 Fish Oil. The Organization promotes pilot projects related to restaurants, sustainable shipping, whale and dolphin-watching, aquaria,ornamental fish, UV creams and others. It is the only sustainable Fisheries and Aquacultures certification program recognized and supervised globally by a National Accreditation Body.