Cornic sustainable scallops reach French supermarkets with FoS seal of approval

Cornic is one of the key player of the French seafood industry and provides European retailers, catering, home and agri-food service with frozen seafood products. Their range of products includes FOS certified scallops from Northern Peru.

Acuapesca Group, the Peruvian scallops producer supplying Cornic, is the first certified by Friend of the Sea. Successful independent Environmental Impact Assessments has been run. Water parameters have been checked according to the Shellfish Control Program of seawater bivalves and all environmental requirements were found to be fulfilled. The development of the plant has not determined a negative impact on the surrounding ecosystem and waste and energy were found to be managed appropriately.

The species (Argopecten purpuratus) is a native species, whose broodstocks are captured in the bay and induced to spawn in laboratory for later reintroduction. Because of the natural farming method, no feed nor drugs are used. The scallops are grown (long line system) in cages which are recollected and fuel consumption is limited to the boats picking up the cages.

Cornic is actively involved in promoting sustainability and ensures the full traceability of its products. Since the end of 2008 most of fish and scallops distributed by Cornic comes from sustainable fishing and breeding. Cornic takes its responsibilities concerning the preservation of natural resources, as proved by its Friend of the Sea status.

FOS certification was an important step for Cornic towards the conservation of the marine biodiversity and it surely is a distinctive feature for the French company. In 2011 the company strengthened its commitment to sustainable fishing and now over 50% of Cornic business comes from eco-certified products originated from “sustainable fisheries”.
For more information please contact:
Paolo Bray – Director
Friend of the Sea


Friend of the Sea is an international non-profit certification scheme for products from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. Certified products are fished from not overexploited nor IUCN Redlisted stocks and with selective methods which do not impact the seabed.

Cornic was established in 1982 becoming now one of the key French producers and distributors of frozen seafood products. Sales for 2010 amounted to 11.894 tons.

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