Huile Oméga-3 et crèmes solaires

Friend of the Sea est la norme internationale pour les producteurs d’huile de poisson, de farine de poisson, d’Oméga-3 et de crèmes solaires.

Produits nutraceutiques

Friend of the Sea is the leading international standard for producers of fish oil, fish meal, Omega-3

Sustainable Nutraceutical Products

For a Sunscreen to be certified Friend of the Sea sustainable and reef-safe, the product must pass a Friend of the Sea audit to verify that:


As a consumer or responsibly sourcing company, you can contribute to environmental and social sustainability, by sourcing Friend of the Sea certified Sustainable Reef-Safe Sunscreen. You can shop several Friend of the Sea certified Sunscreens from our online showcase. By purchasing Friend of the Sea certified products you are also supporting our several conservation and awareness programs.


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