WWF: FoS criteria more effective than MSC in protecting ecosystem and habitat from fisheries impacts

WWF has hired Dr James Sullivan, a member of the ASI Accreditation Committee (ASI is MSC’s Accreditation Body) who worked with MSC (http://www.accreditation-services.com/about/asi/accreditation-committee) to assess MSC, Friend of the Sea and other sustainable seafood certification programs. The study was published September 2012 as ‘Smart Fishing Initiative – Comparison of Wild Capture Fisheries Certification Schemes’.

Dr. Sullivan concluded that Friend of the Sea’s new criteria are 20% more effective than MSC’s in dealing with potential fisheries impacts on ecosystem and habitat.

Friend of the Sea’s new criteria scored highest at 0.93, while MSC’s only 0.78. These criteria are no doubt the strongest indicators of the efficiency and reliability of a sustainability certification program. Consumers expect these requirements to be the strictest and most selective.

Ecosystem and Habitat

“We are honored to receive this recognition from WWF itself” comments Dr Bray, Founder and Director of Friend of the Sea “WWF closely partners with MSC placing its Panda logo on selected MSC certified seafood products. Nevertheless Dr Sullivan had to recognize Friend of the Sea superiority when it comes down to protecting the ecosystem and habitat.”

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