Leading omega-3 producer – U.G.A Nutraceuticals renews Friend of the Sea® Certification

Leading omega-3 producer – U.G.A Nutraceuticals renews Friend of the Sea® Certification

World leading specialized Omega-3 food supplement producer, U.G.A Nutraceuticals has renewed its Friend of the Sea® certification of the World Sustainability Organization.


Headquartered in Monza, Italy U.G.A Nutraceuticals has specialized in the research, formulation and development of Omega-3 food supplements of superior quality, using the most advanced methods since the year 2005.


It stands as one of only a handful of companies in the world, to produce a complete line of top quality fish oil products for over a decade. Since its establishment, U.G.A Nutraceuticals has prioritized sustainable production as its core principle with utmost regard for the environment. 


With a proven record of producing products of the highest quality in an ethical and sustainable manner, UGA Nutraceuticals has obtained the globally recognized Friend of the Sea® certification, as a demonstration of its unwavering commitment to sustainability. 


Founded in 2008 by Sustainability Expert, Paolo Bray, Friend of the Sea® is the foremost certification standard for products and services that respect the marine environment. The globally recognized Friend of the Sea® certification rewards sustainable practices in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors, the logo on a product further enables consumers to make informed food choices. 


UGA Nutraceuticals has obtained the Friend of the Sea® certification specifically designed for the production of Omega-3 supplements. This ensures the safe management of fish oil sources and fishmeal ingredients, traceability and social responsibility.  


Omega-3 supplements are widely known for their immense health benefits; particularly for the cardiovascular system, cognitive development, vision, and anti-inflammatory processes.


The company offers over 25 products to meet specific needs of consumers; these include Omegor Vitality, Omegor Krill to combat stress, Omergor Veg to support a vegan diet amongst others and Omegor Kids supplement for children. Headquartered in Italy, U.G.A. Nutraceuticals also trades within the European, Asian, and Middle Eastern markets, as well as some regions within Africa and the United States of America.


At U.G.A Nutraceuticals a careful tracking method is implemented to ensure the entire production process of its Omega-3 supplements are sustainable, and companies from which raw materials are sourced also operate with respect for the marine environment. 


U.G.A. Nutraceuticals is excited about the partnership with Friend of the Sea®, we are deeply committed to promoting marine conservation; in order to provide consumers with a responsible choice for their health and the Planet. As a result, we will continue to invest in the research and development of cutting-edge products derived from sustainably sourced raw materials and manufacturing procedures that respect the ocean and the environment at large” Giovanni Zenoni co-CEO di U.G.A. Nutraceuticals stated.



Ultimately, UGA Nutraceuticals seeks to take special care of its clients throughout their life; and by virtue of its Friend of the Sea® certification consumers can be assured of Omega-3 supplements which value both human health, and the environment. 


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