Support our Conservation Projects now!

Dear Sustainable Friend,


we really appreciated your trust in the World Sustainability Organization’s certifications. It has been a pleasure collaborating with you throughout 2023, towards our shared goal to protect our wonderful planet.


In recent years, WSO, by means of its newly established World Sustainability Foundation, has dedicated an increasing part of its budget to support selected conservation programmes in over 40 countries. 


It would really help if your Organization would contribute and donate to these projects, by means of the World Sustainability Foundation.


The World Sustainability Foundation selects, supports, and manages conservation initiatives in 40+ countries, certifying projects based on tangible results. Donations aid endangered species and habitat protection, with regular project updates for donors. 


Your Organization will also be able to highlight its support to the conservation projects through its marketing material.


To learn more about these projects and to donate, please check our website page World Sustainability Foundation.


The whole WSO and WSF’s teams wish you best end of year festivities and a successful and peaceful 2024.


Paolo Bray

Founder and Director

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