Solana Pag obtains Friend of the Sea Certification

Solana Pag obtains Friend of the Sea Certification

Croatia’s largest sea-salt producer, Solana Pag has obtained the globally recognised Friend of the Sea Certification, for its varied salt product range.


The production of salt by Solana Pag is based on a thousand-year tradition on the island of Pag in Croatia. In the year 1980, a production facility was constructed; increasing capacity and reducing the impact of climatic conditions on the production process, while ensuring an exceptionally high-quality product.


The purity of salt produced, makes Solana Pag among the highest-quality salt in Europe and across the world, with rich mineral content essential for human health. In addition, modern installations utilised to iodize the salt make it an essential component of any healthy diet. Solana Pag’s products are primarily sold on the Croatian market, and can also be found on the markets of neighbouring countries.


Solana Pag’s products are in complete compliance with Friend of the Sea, a project of the World Sustainability Organization.


Founded in 2008 by Paolo Bray, Friend of the Sea is the leading global standard for food and non-food products and services, that respect and protect the ocean and its resources. It certifies sustainable products and companies contributing to marine conservation. Friend of the Sea is the only sustainable fisheries certification process recognised and supervised globally by a National Accreditation Body.


Obtaining the Friend of the Sea certification is a confirmation of achieving our goals toward excellence and sustainability. The international certification presents immense opportunities for us, positioning Solana Pag as a model in the production of sea salt globallyMr. Josip Ćapin, CEO of Solana Pag said.  “It also enables us to reach potential consumers that value their food quality, and prioritise the health of the marine ecosystem.” He added.


At the beginning of the 1990s Solana Pag began to expand its product line, and today besides fine and coarse sea salt and industrial salt, it also produces fleur de sel, dishwasher salt, bath salts, nutrient-enriched salt and herbal salt. Currently, Solana Pag exports to over 25 countries worldwide, and holds 60% market share in Croatia.


One of our long-term goals is to be a fully sustainable sea salt producer, co-existing with nature and the local community. The production technology at Solana Pag makes the most of the area’s natural advantages – a clean environment, frequent sunshine, favourable wind, and impermeable soil. These factors contribute to Paška Sol serving as the highest quality sea salt. Mr. Josip Ćapin noted.


The only salt factory on the island of Pag in Croatia and largest salt producer on the east coast of Adriatic Sea, Solana Pag is a vital part of Network Natura 2000; a coherent European ecological network comprising of areas with natural and wild animal habitat. These sites are of special interest to the European Union, as they support the conservation and protection of wildlife and nature.


As a result, the City of Pag is identified as a UNESCO-protected region, and an intangible cultural asset.


The Friend of the Sea Certification assures existing and potential clients of Solana Pag, of the highest quality sea-salt produced in environmentally friendly conditions, with sustainability at its core.

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