In 2023 consumers reward reliable sustainability certifications. Friend of the Sea grows by 6%.

Encouraging data emerges from the recently published 14th edition of the Osservatorio Immagino promoted by GS1 Italy. 

This study focuses on analyzing and documenting the transformations in Italians’ spending habits at supermarkets and hypermarkets distributed throughout the national territory. In particular, this edition highlights the growing importance of Sustainability in the contexts of our daily lives. 

The number of products featuring at least one of the major and most important certifications identified in the area of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) on their labels has increased. These certifications include logos such as Cruelty-Free, Ecocert, Ecolabel, Fairtrade, Friend of the Sea, FSC, Sustainable Cleaning, and UTZ.


According to the Observatory’s data, between June 2022 and June 2023, these products generated a turnover of over 6.3 billion euros in supermarkets and hypermarkets, representing approximately 13.8% of the total in the fast-moving consumer goods sector. Compared to the previous year, there was an increase of +12.2%.


In particular, the 690 products certified by Friend of the Sea® increased their turnover by +6.2%, amounting to over 591 million euros; despite the general trend of volume decline, the growth trend proved to be higher than that observed in 2022, which had an increase of +5.5%.


These data position the Friend of the Sea® certification in the third absolute place, first in the food sector, in the area of CSR, preceded by FSC and Sustainable Cleaning.


The growth in the total value of Friend of the Sea® certified products on the shelves of Italian supermarkets is in line with the increasing interest of consumers. Consequently, the commitment of producers and retailers towards a supply chain with lower impact, controlled, and certified. While other non-third-party certifications see their presence reduced in the market, Friend of the Sea® grows thanks to greater credibility. Its commitment to conservation and its more immediate claim to consumers, compared to acronyms often difficult for consumers to understand“, states Paolo Bray, founder and director of Friend of the Sea. “We are experiencing a similar parallel growth with our Friend of the Earth certification, for products from sustainable agriculture and breeding, recently recognized for the national accreditation process.


The presence of Sustainability certifications on product labels is a crucial element in the current landscape of conscious consumption. These certifications provide consumers with clear and verifiable information about the origin, environmental, and social standards adopted in production. In this context, certifications act as effective tools for promoting sustainable practices, encouraging the adoption of ethical criteria along the production and distribution chain. 

The growing consumer awareness of these certifications contributes to shaping a future where purchasing choices support Sustainable initiatives and global well-being.

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