World Sustainability Organization launches Sustainable Friends Concept Store

World Sustainability Organization launches Sustainable Friends Concept Store

Leading Global Sustainability Organization, the World Sustainability Organization has launched Sustainable Friends; the first of its kind concept store in Milan, Italy offering Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth certified products and services. It will be officially inaugurated on 8th June 2023, which marks World Oceans Day.


The Sustainable Friends Concept Store is ultimately aimed at increasing sustainability awareness and offering an alternative culture to excessive consumerism, which has adverse effects on the environment and is unsustainable.


Situated in one of the most patronised shopping districts in Europe – Galleria Passarella 1, in San Babila, Milan, near Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Sustainable Friends boasts of a prime location. The area records pedestrian traffic reaching over 8,500 passersby per hour, according to an international study by BNP Paribas Real Estate.


The choice of location was strategically made, to ensure the possibility of reaching a wider audience to join the sustainability train championed by the World Sustainability Organization. The Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth Sustainable Certification Standards are projects of the World Sustainability Organization which have contributed to the conservation of ecosystems for the past 30 years. The Friend of the Sea® and Friend of the Earth® Logos are represented on over 5,000 products globally, with over 1,500 companies certified, and presence in more than 80 countries.


The registered trademarks ensure adherence to standards such as non-overexploited fish resource, farmers, breeding farms, aquaculture and livestock products that regard the environment, responsible management of energy and water, respect for the rights of workers and local communities, amongst others.


The Sustainable Friends Concept Store is open to the public, and presents a unique opportunity to discover the products and services of companies which bear the label of the world’s leading sustainable standard certifications. The store is intricately designed to reflect a green environment, visitors are guided on alternative food and lifestyle choices which contribute to reducing our environmental footprint.


The exceptional concept store also serves as a venue for networking, exchange and events; it has dedicated sections to conduct interviews and webinars.  In February 2023, the Friend of the Earth Sustainable Fashion project took place at the Sustainable Friends Concept Store. It featured certified international brands, and was held during Milan Fashion Week.


During the Salone del Mobile Fair, recycled and sustainable furniture were exhibited at Sustainable Friends. Pieces by the Muralist and Sustainable Artist, Lena Cruz were also hosted at the store during MiArt.


Currently, Sustainable Friends offers a wide selection of products consistent with the criteria of sustainability. The store allocates 30% of sales to social and environmental awareness, as well as conservation projects of the World Sustainability Organization; such as saving the Albatross in the Galapagos, the Rhinoceros in South Africa and the Snow Leopard, which lives in five Asian countries.


From clothing to jewellery, accessories to decorative pieces, visitors can buy or give away objects that support social responsibility of the entire supply chain, and overall protection of the environment.


In the near future, ‘sustainable friends’ will have access to the e-commerce platform by visiting – Sustainable Friends. In addition to a broad selection of products, visitors can choose from a plethora of sustainable trips, designed to discover the beauties of nature, accompanied by expert naturalists. At Sustainable Friends, guidelines are provided on how to download the first App for iOS and Android exclusively dedicated to sustainable products, as well as steps to obtain the Sustainable Friends Fidelity Card.


The Card allows for the collection of points upon reaching key targets, after which owners of the fidelity card will receive prizes. These include – The Best Friends of the Earth and Ocean, which are awarded experiences such as a reserved boat trip to observe Dolphins in a sustainable manner, or a visit to Friend of the Sea certified aquariums, amongst others.


At long last, Milan is home to a truly sustainable concept store, powered solely by renewable energy. A one-stop shop providing Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth certified sustainable products and services, which cater for every need and preference.


Bearing the world’s leading sustainable standard labels, companies demonstrate their commitment to reducing the environmental footprint and respecting workers’ rights. 

Sustainable Friends is here to serve you – the responsible consumer in Italy and across the world, and provide you with full assurance that each purchase will support conservation and awareness projects in over 40 countries, while making the planet more sustainable for all.

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