Calls for sustainable sources of omega 3 to preserve marine environments, NORSAN SRL provides an answer

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Despite omega 3 providing an inexpensive and effective household remedy for cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, depression, and more recently promising results in COVID-19 patients, providing the supplement can potentially impact fish populations worldwide.

The US2.2 billion and steadily growing omega 3 market, of which is predominantly sourced from oily fish, is consequently suggested to be responsible for roughly 20% of the global wild fish catch. Marine conservationists and consumers alike subsequently demand for more sustainable and conscious means of producing omega 3.

NORSAN SRL, heeding calls for sustainably conscious fishing

NORSAN SRL, Europe’s leading producer of high-quality omega 3 products, also representing the sales leader in German pharmacies, has provided an answer with its sustainable means of omega 3 production.

NORSAN SRL has been widely applauded for its well-executed, expertise in pioneering a methodical approach to producing natural, high-quality omega 3, but also for its formidable concern and subsequent promotion of sustainable fishing practises. NORSAN SRL heavily scrutinises its suppliers according to strict internal ethical criteria, ensuring fish stocks are not overfished, guaranteeing the use of specialised gear that avoids bycatch and maintaining activities that guarantee minimal impact to marine ecosystems.

We consider sustainability and the preservation of fish stocks to be a top priority when selecting oilssaid NORSAN SRL on its website.

NORSAN SRL mostly rely on wild fish catch to develop its omega 3, using modernised facilities to ensure complete filtration and purification of heavy metals and pollutants notoriously found in marine organisms. The natural fish oil containing a 35% dose of high-quality omega 3 fatty acids has been verified by internationally recognised doctors in preventative medicine, nutrition, and rehabilitative medicine.

As a leading supplier of omega 3 supplements, we are aware that it is our duty to maintain the world’s fish stocks as a sustainable resource. Only if the marine habitat is preserved it can serve as a source of food for future generations. We therefore see it as our natural obligation to take responsibility and to contribute to the protection of the seas and waters. We support various projects and certifications in this fieldsaid a company’s spokesperson. 


Friend of the Sea certification 

Friend of the Sea, a leading international certification standard for producers of fish oil, fishmeal, and omega 3 is proud to certify NORSAN SRL for meeting the robust set of ensuring respect and conservation for marine environments. NORSAN SRL has proved to meet the comprehensive set of strict controls whilst also pertaining to energy efficiency in its practices and upholding social accountability in the workplace.

Ultimately, NORSAN SRL has tangibly contributed towards the indispensable development and practise of sustainable fishing, providing an ethical answer to closing the global deficit of omega 3 without jeopardising efforts to stabilise fish populations in rapid decline.

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