Who knew coral could be good for your health? Coral LLC markets an innovative supplement

Who knew coral could be good for your health? Coral LLC markets an innovative supplement

Friend of the Sea® certified company Coral LLC produces an ingenious product: from an ancient coral reef, they extract calcium to be pulverized into a nutritional supplement.

The importance of live coral is well known.  Without it, marine life and biodiversity severely suffer.  However, one of Friend of the Sea® original certified companies, Coral LLC, has discovered an inventive use for coral.  Not living coral found in the ocean, but rather ancient coral, found on land, and fossilized into hard rocks containing important nutrients.  Since 1995 Coral LLC has been sustainably mining this coral, and now supplies supplements containing calcium and crucial trace minerals to thirty countries worldwide. 


Friend of the Sea® Certified


Coral LLC is one of the largest importers / suppliers of Caribbean above-sea coral in the United States and the world. To ensure sustainability, it only employs eco-friendly collection methods. As an organization, they guarantee integrity of supply, consistently working to source responsibly and minimize their footprint.   The organization has a direct say in everything from harvesting to providing the finished raw material that goes into its finished products, and only uses above-sea land-based coral minerals, which are not subjected to underwater or industrial pollution.  


Not all coral products are the same


There are several ways that coral can be harvested, not all of them sustainable. Some coral is harvested from the sea, damaging marine life and risking pollution and contamination in the supplements themselves. Other coral supplements are made in labs, and therefore do not contain the micronutrients found in natural coral.  Coral LLC, on the contrary, uses coral exclusively from mines.  These have been caused by geological changes which thrust the coral beds up out of the sea many centuries ago.  Over time, this coral has been purified by the sun and is free of pollution. 


Health Benefits of Trace Minerals


While the benefits of calcium for strong bones, and healthy hair and teeth have long been touted, Coral LLC’s supplements also provide crucial trace minerals that are often lacking in the average person’s diet. Boron, copper, fluorine, and others all contribute to general well being by serving as catalysts to vitamins found within the cells of the human body. According to a study conducted by the US Senate, most food grown within the US is done on mineral deficient farms, robbing its consumers of these crucial nutrients.


Friend of the Sea® and Coral LLC, a long partnership


Coral LLC was one of the first companies certified by Friend of the Sea®. Their dedicated commitment to sustainability and health aligns well with Friend of the Sea® rigorous requirements for certification. Follow the links to learn more about FOS guidelines and other certified companies, and to purchase Coral LLC products. 

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