Canadian Santé Naturelle’s Omega 3 fish oil supplements achieve FoS approval

Sante NaturelleOmega 3 fish oil supplements distributed by Santé Naturelle (A.G.) Ltd under the brand Adrien Gagnon are now carrying Friend of the Sea seal of approval. Santé Naturelle is among Quebec’s leading natural health companies.

Omega3 oils are sourced from Peruvian anchovies, European sardines, tuna trimmings and Antarctic krill. All species are fished by Friend of the Sea approved purse seiners in areas where stocks are not over-exploited and fleets are sustainably managed.

The company has an efficient traceability system in place throughout the supply chain from the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to the final products. Specific labels track and trace each product step by step in compliance with all Friend of the Sea Chain of Custody requirements.

“Sustainability has been part of our company values for many years”, comments Mrs. Audrey Couture, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Manager of Santé Naturelle. “we are proud to have obtained the Friend of the Sea certification as it will allow us to better communicate to consumers our engagement for the conservation of the marine habitat”.


Adrien Gagnon ND, AG Natural Health Ltd.
Founded by pioneering naturopath Adrien Gagnon ND, AG Natural Health Ltd. is among Quebec’s oldest natural health companies. Over the past 60 some years, the company has earned its reputation as the leader in science-based natural health products. It currently offers more than 150 natural health products including vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements. Through the years, innovation, commitment, selection and value have been the keys to our success.

Friend of the Sea
Friend of the Sea is an international certification program for products from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. Over 450 companies in more than 50 countries have relied on Friend of the Sea to assess the sustainability of their seafood origins. Audits, based on best and most updated available scientific data, are run by accredited independent certification bodies. 

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