Al Wusta Fisheries Industries brings sustainable fishing to Oman

Al Wusta Fisheries Industries brings sustainable fishing to Oman

Friend of The Sea has now certified the fishing company Al Wusta Fisheries Industries which operates in the Arabian Sea on the eastern coast of Oman.

New Horizons

Al Wusta Fisheries Industries (AWFI) is part out of the Sultanate’s goal of developing the country’s fishing sector by 2040 in a sustainable manner. The company was established to explore the potential for catching horse mackerel and mackerel, which were previously an untapped resource.

Though the country has a rich fishing history, the sector only makes up a very small portion of the country’s economic activity. CEO Dawood Al Wahaibi is on a mission to expand this sector, while safeguarding fishing resources for future generations. 

Talking about the future of the organization he says, “We aim to continue to grow our company in a professional manner both in Oman and internationally. Our strength lies in our ability to combine local and international expertise and apply the depth of our specialist experience to enabling greater productivity from our rich resources .”

Friend of the Sea certification

AWFI is also looking forward to the Friend of the Sea certification opening new markets for the company and believes the certification will further validate the sustainability and trustworthiness of the company’s products for international consumers.

The certification is also in line with AWFI’s collaboration with Oman’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Water Resources to collect scientific data to produce a sustainable and integrated management plan for pelagic fisheries. 

Oman Pelagic

Al Wusta’s production focuses on small pelagic fish and AWFI created the brand of Oman Pelagic to identify its production in international markets.

What are small pelagic fish?

These species can either be categorized as coastal or oceanic fish with the key factor being that they inhibit the relatively shallow waters of the continental shelf.  These fish species are typified by anchovies, sardines, mackerels, herring and menhaden. 

 Al Wusta’s vessels catch mackerel and horse mackerel along the edge of the continental shelf in the Arabian Sea. Although these species are not extensively fished, there is always a potential risk  of overfishing if the fishing activity is not made in a responsible and sustainable manner, so Al Wusta’s commitment with Fried of the Sea is all the more important. 

Friend of the Sea and Al Wusta – a bright future

Al Wusta is dedicated to developing the fishing sector in Oman in a sustainable way that matches the country’s goals and ensures a bright future for the coming generations. AWFI’s commitment to ocean sustainability aligns well with Friend of the Sea’s rigorous requirements for certification and adherence to ocean health.

Follow the links to learn more about FOS guidelines and other certified companies, and to discover Al Wusta Fisheries Industries products. 

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