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InnovaFeed- Insect fertilizer reinventing soil and plant nutrition


Our soils are one of our most precious yet underestimated resources. We rely on them:

  • For food and water – the UN estimates that 95% of our food stems from them
  • To preserve our ecosystems – the GIS Sol estimates that 1/4 of the world biodiversity resides within our soils
  • To fight against climate change: 1,500 billion tons of organic carbon are stored into our soils which is 2 to 3 times more than in the atmosphere

Preserving them while ensuring sufficient productivity to feed the growing world population is a challenge we need to tackle. Organic fertilizers such as the frass – insects droppings – can be part of the solution by both boosting both soils agronomic performance and microbial activities.

A natural organic fertilizer

Innovafeed has developed a natural and fully transparent organic fertilizer to be used in both conventional and organic crops. Innovafeed’s fertilizer is a by-product of its insect farm that:

  • Consists entirely in insect droppings of Hermetia Illucensphytophagous larvaes fed with a 100% vegetable and guaranteed GMO-free substrate
  • No solvent, no additives
  • Insect frass is 100% natural and transparent, made out of the droppings
  • Displays a balanced N, P, K profile (3-4-3) making it fit for all crops (viticulture, cereals, arboriculture, vegetables)
  • Is rich in organic matter (>75%) and beneficial bacteria to enhance the absorption of nutrients into our soils and boost microbial activity.

Insect frass can be used in organic farming according to CE 834/2007 and benefits from a marketing authorization from local authorities.

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